This week I have been…

Friday – Monday

Spent the Weekend at Scottish S’s, it was cold, it was snowy and it was great fun.  I fell in a snowdrift and managed to walk up the big hill, although I did need numerous breaks on the way up (unhealthy? moi?….oh hell yeah).


Had a german class…the fun never stops!


Met people for coffee (caffeine is fun), and then joy of joys a tutorial class.  Trying to get first year students to talk in a seminar setting is near impossible.  Imagine the scenario:

Me: So what do you think of how archaeological sites are discovered?

Class: *silence*

Me: Anyone?

Class: *silence….stare at walls, table, ceiling etc.*

Me: Right, if you lot don’t start talking I’m going to pick on individuals and make them talk.

Class: *sudden explosion of talking*

You get the picture.  After that it was departmental and Hellenic society seminars.  Amazingly the dept. one had stuff which could be applied to my PhD which was rather a nice surprise.

Thursday -Friday

Dig! Again with the heavy shovelling of soil.  And I managed to drop a wheel barrow on my knee…I know it sounds strange but I fell over into the spoil heap and wheel barrow followed…I know have an interesting bruise on my knee.


Spent morning in agony from aforementioned dig…..bits of me hurt that I didn’t know existed.  Then I ate my tea…then assisted my flatmate eat his tea.  Then we got beers and played pool and monopoly and cards….drinking lots of beer and sambuca – hic!

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I hurt…but that’s what you get when you go digging I guess. It was bloody cold out there, trying to dig in hailstones is NOT fun. Neither is trying to dig in rain or high winds…but hailstones are painful. On the bright side I survived and managed to find not one, not two but SIX stakeholes and a posthole too. This was after shifting some dozen wheelbarrows of lovely soggy, sandy soil. But at least I found something…right?

I’m going back out again next week for two days this time…god I hope my knees can stand it, I’m seriously thinking about getting some knee pads. Gravel hurts.