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I hurt…but that’s what you get when you go digging I guess. It was bloody cold out there, trying to dig in hailstones is NOT fun. Neither is trying to dig in rain or high winds…but hailstones are painful. On the bright side I survived and managed to find not one, not two but SIX stakeholes and a posthole too. This was after shifting some dozen wheelbarrows of lovely soggy, sandy soil. But at least I found something…right?

I’m going back out again next week for two days this time…god I hope my knees can stand it, I’m seriously thinking about getting some knee pads. Gravel hurts.


One thought on “Hailstones

  1. One of these days, do you mind sitting down with me and some photos to go over some of the basics? I think I can spot the archaeology in most cases, but I am sure there are nuances to working with aerial photos that I just don’t know.
    By the way, Bill and . . . maybe it was Rupert, were looking for you today.
    Reading your post makes me both aware that I need to get more practical experience and dreading the time I’ll have to do it!

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