Sun, warmth, cocktails…why spend christmas being cold?

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At sea today, and am sitting in a bar typing while waiting for a wine tasting session to start (Yum!) Arrived safely as you are aware, only saw Barbados from the coach that took us to the Ship, got shipped straight off aircraft to bus then straight to ship – didn’t get to have a wander on the island but was so tired I didn’t really care. What I saw of Barbados was curious, it didn’t look like how I expected a Caribbean island to look. But we got on board quickly and found the cabin…it’s big, the balcony is larger than my room in Glasgow and it has a much nicer view. Didn’t sail from Barbados until 10 at night since quite a few of the flights out were delayed (including ours by an 1+1/2 hours although we arrived much earlier in the day).

Was in Grenada yesterday, went out on a tour of the island, so much of the hurricane damage by Hurricane Ivan is still visible, pretty much every building has a new roof (although there are some that need new walls or complete rebuilding), and the devastation to the rainforest is immense, it really brings home how bad these things are, watching them on the news tends not to have the same impact. Drove from the ship up to an old fort occupied by various forces throughout the island’s history, it has tremendous views over the capital, port and inland. The island is much more how expected Caribbean islands to look, hilly and green. From there we went up into the hills through the forest to a lake in a volcanic crater. The driver kept stopping and picking spices through the bus windows, saw fresh nutmeg and mace, cinnamon leaves and bay leaves, smells were amazing. We were meant to go to an old spice plantation for demonstrations but it wasn’t open, the staff had gone off for a beer, so that is currently being sorted out since the main point of the tour was to go to this place. After that we carried on and went to a beachside restaurant for lunch. Then I played in the sea, it was warm, and the waves rather strong, if you weren’t careful you got knocked over and dragged up and down the beach, once you got past the breakers you could bob up and down quite happily without any bother, getting out was entertaining though, and the sand gets everywhere.

Today is going to be a much more leisurely day, with wine tasting and lunch and cocktails and I’m not really sure what else.


One thought on “Sun, warmth, cocktails…why spend christmas being cold?

  1. I forgot you were going away for Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you and your mum. Safe trip and have lots of fuhn and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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