Aruba! Aruba!

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Been in Aruba today…as you probably gathered. Went on a snorkelling trip and saw fish! Mum managed to trip over a fish which was impressive…but it was a big fish, and both of them swam away afterwards so all was well. Got a disposable underwater camera to take on that trip so took lots of pictures, hopefully some of them will come out so I’ll bore you death with them when I come back to Glasgow. Headed out about 8.30 and was snorkelling for about an hour and half…then basked in the sun and am currently paying the price…I have some interesting sunburn but it doesn’t hurt except for two small areas on my shoulders…makes wearing clothes interesting in new and painful ways. Mooched around the port of Oranjestad this afternoon but everything was really pricey…think designer labels (i.e. Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren) and way out of my price range. At sea tomorrow, then in Costa Rica on Thursday…going for a trek through a rainforest, and an aerial tram ride in the rainforest canopy. When we are at sea tomorrow there’s another wine tasting session – red this time! Yum! Anyway I better go, there’s a Singapore Sling with my name on it waiting for me.


One thought on “Aruba! Aruba!

  1. Sounds decadent!!!! Glad you are enjoying your trip. And I am looking forward to the pictures.

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