Back Again

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It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable I am in Athens. I don’t visit for a while and yet I come back and feel like I never left. I only arrived yesterday, after a very long day, and things just don’t feel any different.

Sharing a room with Ja, same one we had at Easter, so at least we know that its a nice room. We went out for a meal last night, along with Ma2 to a very nice Cretan restaurant and then just as we were finishing dinner C turned up. With lots of other people. Since it was her leaving do. She’s got a job working at the Museums at Newcastle University, so at least I can go and visit. It was wierd watching her leave with all her stuff today, she’s been here four years so it was one familiar face you always saw.

Had a minor panic today when we were reminded that the holiday on the 15th has been turned into a holiday weekend and hotels are a rarity in certain areas…Guess where we wanted to be. We were planning on going to the Argolid first but since hotel space is non existent we’ve decided to reverse the trip and go to Delphi first, then drive south, over a bridge and into the Peloponnese…And we’ve found hotels in Delphi and Olympia…so we have beds for the holiday weekend. Hurrah we won’t have to sleep in the car!

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