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So I haven’t posted in a while…I know and I’m sorry (but only a little bit).  Things have been pretty busy since I got back from Athens.  I spent a few days with John before he left to go and wander around fields with bits of geophysicking equipment for a departmental project.  So they passed really quickly…unsurprising given we hadn’t seen each other in a month.  Then on Sat he left and my Mum came up for a visit. We’ve shopped a lot and eaten a lot…that is probably the bect summary I can give.

We’ve had lunches in lots of nice restaurants in the West End and City Centre.  Bought some really nice things too…I have new Shoes!!! (hurrah). And a beautiful wrap dress.

Yesterday we went to Linlithgow Palace and Blackness Castle which were both very cool (cold in fact at Linlithgow).

Today we had curry for lunch and are just pottering around the flat this afternoon.  I should try and tidy up a bit before J gets back….ah well.

One thought on “Busy

  1. Say Hello to your Mum for me!
    So all this shopping and eating as compensation for John not being there, does it help?
    Hm, curry. I get hungry just from reading this, and I just had breakfast.

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