Oops Again.

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I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last updated…I know I’m bad.  And to be honest what I’ve been doing has not been of great interest to anyone except me…(hang on…include me in the not interested list too).

I finally had a meeting with my supervisors on Monday and to be honest I was dreading it.  I think its pretty normal for postgrads to get back after summer break and suddenly have minor panic attacks along the lines of “OMG I haven’t worked enough!”  However, not only were they happy with the work I’ve submitted so far (minimal changes only) and they think what I’m currently working on is good.  Plus they are pleased with the two conferences I’m doing and the article that is due to be published in Nov.  They also both agreed on me turning the Appendix on sites into a book and are willing to let me start that now.  Amazingly good methinks.

I chaperoned a field trip yesterday, while some were a pain in the arse (and I’m not just talking about undergrads) there were some funny moments…like watching a girl in ballet slipper type shoes try and walk around archaeological and muddy sites.  Heh heh…

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