So I haven’t updated for ages…


Yes I am well aware that I have apparently dropped off the face of the earth… So just to prove that I am still alive and functioning, here are some pretty pictures of places I have been to recently…

So this is Sparta with the Taygetus Mountains in the background…look Greece gets snow!

And Mystra, the upper town and the Kastro… at the very top.  This picture also features my Mum’s elbow…

Monemvasia…there is a big castle at the top of that rather large rock… and no I didn’t climb to the top…

However I am not lazy as I made it to the Acrocorinth (another castle)… look how far up it is! This was taken from the top looking down onto the middle level of the castle…  the entrance is another level below that…

An ancient quarry!  Its interesting – honest! (well it is to me anyway)

And finally the Sanctuary of Hera at Perachora…pretty ain’t it.

And thats it for now…I have to get back to reading about vases, unfortunately the articles are all in Italian…oh joy.

2 thoughts on “So I haven’t updated for ages…

  1. This is SPARTAAAAAA!
    Sorry had to be done:P
    Are you in Newcastle over Easter? I plan being up here from the 6th April – 10th April and would love to meet up with you and your mum for a coffee and a natter. You should tell me all about your holiday, and I could laugh that you climbed hills.

    • I was wondering who would say that…did you see the comic strip on Ash’s LJ with that reference?
      Unfortunately I’m not back in Glasgow until April 8th, and then I’m teaching the next few weeks….Argh!

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