Ah the Joys of Christmas

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December is just one those months, pretty much the most fun and most irritating time of the year for me. All because of one little thing – I was born in it.

I’ve found this out (perhaps to my cost) recently and joy-of-joys that most wonderful thing (maybe not) – the Christmas Party. Now don’t get me wrong – I like parties – it is a good excuse to drink in public and be silly. But a Christmas party is the last thing I can be bothered with – at least until the birthday is out of the way. So as I said – party fine – just maybe not Christmassy. I have to admit I have been surprised by the reaction (okay maybe I came across as a bit of brat) but it was the hostility to having just a *party* and loose the tinsel crap. I never suggested that the party be cancelled, just de-Christmas-fied.

In regard to the birthday, I’ve heard various suggestions – have a meal earlier in the month – now, fair enough, but no one else has to reschedule their birthday to avoid Shrove Tuesday or Guy Fawke’s night, so why should I…?

I actually realised the other day, that the fact I dislike fuss over my birthday might be directly linked to its proximity to Christmas. Going out for a meal or drinks is a nightmare as most places are A. Full of Christmas decorations, B. Christmas music (now lets be fair no one who has ever worked in a shop over Christmas can like this stuff) and C. Full of drunken office parties.

Plus the fact that over the years my birthday has been forgotten (most memorably by my grandparents), or suffered one of those ultimate injustices for anyone with a birthday at this time of year – a joint Christmas/birthday present. The latter usually accompanied by the excuse that it is an expensive time of year (never mind the fact that I buy birthday presents throughout the year *and* Christmas presents at Christmas).

Even more annoying is the fact that because I’m not really ready to celebrate Christmas ’til after the birthday has led to accusations that I’m being all humbug-ish. Now thats not true – I love Christmas, I really do. I’m looking forward to getting a real tree at home this year (hopefully without the mother-leg-saw inccident that marred the situation the last time we got one), I have an advent calendar (although the enjoyment from that is the fact that I get to eat a bit of chocolate everyday, you could call it training for Christmas food-overdose situation coming later this month), all my presents are bought and wrapped (nearly), I’m sorting out the Christmas cards.

Anyway rant over, but if one more person tells me to “Cheer up, its Christmas” I might scream…


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