Evening Gloves and Pearls

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So I have Halloween party tomorrow night, and one of the obligations is that you have to be in costume. I did wonder if it was possible to get away without a costume – but everyone I’ve spoken to is talking about what they are going to wear – so no avoidance.

Which means for the first time in my life – I’m dressing up for Halloween.

So I managed to make a fancy fake cigarette in a holder (from a black pencil, some tippex, nail polish and an orange highlighter) which looks rather good. I figured black trousers, heels and a black top. Hair can be styled appropriately, as can make up (just need to schedule several hours to try and get the eyeliner right – not too mention the half hour with obligatory watery eyes when I stick the mascara wand in my eye…Again).

But there are the accessories, i.e. the aforementioned gloves and pearls… which explains why at 20 to ten on a friday night I am searching second hand clothing shops in the west end that deal in evening wear….But I suppose it could be worse…. I could have to try and convince a Cat to sit on my shoulder all night….


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