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I realised today that when I started my PhD that many of the PhD students further down the road told me that by the end of it all that I would detest my subject and would struggle to complete. The whole concept of writing up was demonstrated by apathy to the topic and writers’ block.

Ironically I adore what I do, I’m planning what to do next, (bit of time off I think, though I plan on maybe taking Greek classes [modern not ancient] and working on articles and conference papers). As for my subject, the iconography I deal specifically with is entertaining in its own right, it’s been described randomly as comic, caricature, pornographic, weird… (imagine grotesque pygmies doing things they really shouldn’t)… the list could go on but I’d get bored typing. Its an unusual subject where the images make you giggle.

Soon the whole process will be over, though exactly when that will be is difficult to specify. How do you stop tweaking things, editing text, refining important phrases, formatting pictures? I guess in the end, a statement that was taught to me when I was studying Art comes to mind. Things can go too far, get ruined or will never end, you’ll just keep working on things, never satisfied, always something more to do…

…the trick, in the end, is to learn when to stop.


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