Now there is a book title I never thought I’d see…

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So today I was searching for a out of print volume from 1955 on Kykeon, the beverage of choice in the Eleusinian mysteries. Unfortunately, this book is a little tricky to find. I did eventually track one copy down in a city that I can at least get to easily.

The volume in question, Armand Delatte’s Le Cyceon, breuvage rituel des mystes d’Eleusis offers Google and other book-search sites the opportunity for word chaos.
Rather than just admitting the the word kykeon or cyceon cannot be found during their searches, they offer nearest equivalents… which is how cyceon turned into cushion. And that available to buy right now is the the fabulously titled My life as a walrus whoopee cushion. Yep, that book exists.

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