Snowflakes in October

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The undergrads are back, ah the joys of the new semester…

To all those who don’t understand pavements…Why is it that so many undergrads (and people generally) fail to understand that people are trying to walk along these things? Not wait patiently while you mill around or chat with all your closest 50 friends. And when I eventually get sick of asking ‘excuse me’ and push my way through, don’t huff and act like I’m being that rude.

To the random guy wandering around the photocopying room…The instructions are on the wall. Given that you looked at the instructions, the change machine, the photocopying card dispenser and every photocopying machine in the room (including those that were being used by people) you would think you get the concept. But no, you just kept wandering (with your books)… until you wandered out of the room.

And finally, to the precious, precious snowflake in the bookshop yesterday…So your ‘basic’ history introduction course is full of stuff you didn’t know? Shame, I thought all university lecturers realised that they needed to keep their courses limited to exactly what you have been taught at high school. What I don’t understand is why you’re bitching about this to the poor guy in the book shop. He didn’t set the course and he sure as hell doesn’t want to hear about it. And bless him, he was trying to help, going through your reading list… only for you to whine that you were never going to be able to read all that in a week. My only hope is that he was purposefully putting the most expensive books he could find into your arms…


One thought on “Snowflakes in October

  1. I like the comics :-)Yes it is very frustrating when you run out of excuse me and start having to push your way through throngs of young people who don’t even seem to know what the phrase means. I’ve had the same problem, if it is any consulation it happens most at the start of martinmass term after that they start to dwindle a bit 🙂

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