Into the City

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I got up at 8am, and played with the coffee maker in the bathroom. It was a proper filter one. And very nice too.

I headed back to the airport and got a Shuttle into the University for just $20. Not too bad, and certainly much cheaper than a taxi. It didn’t take too long and I got a good view of Covington in Kentucky and the Downtown area.
The apartment is really nice, rather spacious – more so than I expected. The place was pretty clean but I ended up giving everything a wipe over. There was some stuff left in the dishwasher than still had a bit of debris attached so I ended up washing most of the kitchen stuff. Probably a lot of it was okay but I’m more comfortable using it now.
After lunch I got a sim card but it didn’t work in the UK phone, so I picked up a cheap handset for use over here. It is quite a nice phone so I’ll hang on to it. I know that Mum is having a few problems with messages getting through but I don’t think we’ll be communicating via text very often.

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