Supermarket Adventures

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Armed with directions I ventured out to go to the supermarket. It is only a few minutes away so very convenient.

I hadn’t made a list but had an idea of what staples I wanted to pick up. The fresh produce section is small-ish but quite comprehensive. I got some salad stuff and then headed into the aisles to see what I could find.
Hmm, well it was certainly interesting. I gave up after a while trying to find rice cakes or noodles. I’m sure they were there somewhere. What I did find was an astronomical amount of processed food and pure junk. The amount of it was shocking. The sheer space devoted to that stuff completely dwarfed the healthier options.
What was most shocking was the difference in prices. Buying healthier food was more expensive, but the junk wasn’t just cheaper. It was exceptionally cheap. Plain chicken breasts were about $7 for six portions, but processed chicken burger/marinated cheese fillets were about half the cost.
I’m planning on going back later in the week and having a more thorough look around the shelves but I’ve got some good stuff in for the next week or so.
But when I reached the last couple of aisles this was the display that greeted me.

An Extra Note
I accidently left a carrier bag behind and didn’t notice until later this afternoon. I was quite annoyed as there was quite a bit in the missing bag (lord knows how I missed it when I was unpacking everything).

Anyway I headed back and they had the bag at the customer service desk. They had even taken the raw chicken out the bag and let me grab a new pack.

In future I’ll keep an eye on the packer to make sure he puts everything into my trolley once he’s packed it.

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