The Library

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This afternoon I went to the Classics Department to have a look around. I still need to go to the office (as it is only open in the morning) to introduce myself to the staff there.

So I headed down to the library. I met some of the staff from the Department and the Library. I was given a tour and the collection looks amazing. It is all catalogued really carefully and is amazingly extensive. I can’t wait to get started!

And I have a office! There is a large communal office with multiple desks for Graduate students but I have a separate office. It is in the same room but cordoned off with a door. I have a key for it!

Even better was the sign on the door which said Professor… I’d forgotten that the usual American policy at University is to refer to teaching/research faculty as Professor. It was rather nice 🙂 I’m planning on getting a picture of it, and some of the office and the library.

I also have an ID card for the University now and I got the Gym membership. I’m planning on going for a swim tomorrow. The leisure pool section looks lovely – it has a hot tub!


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