The Quest for a Decent Lunch

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I decided to eat on campus today, figuring that since there were plenty of eateries mentioned on the University website that I would be able to find something.

Well, easier said than done. Everything was junk food (Pizza Hut, KFC-type Chicken Place, Subway, Burger King). Then I saw a Sushi bar, ‘Aha!’ thought I, ‘that’ll have something decent.’ Well, no. Not unless you want a 16 piece pack of Sushi (that was a one-portion pack). Plus the mixed boxes had squid or eel as one of the components. The plain packs (just one fish type) had some interesting additions. The spicy tuna was heavily drizzled in spicy mayonnaise (I think) or you could have salmon but only with cream cheese. 16 pieces would have been far too many anyway.
I ended up at the grocery store on campus, where the pre-packaged sandwiches looked plastic (imitation cheese anyone?).
So lunch ended up being a small pack of beef jerky and a cereal bar. Yum.
I’m taking a packed lunch tomorrow.

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