And in the library today…

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I got stuck in with the articles I needed to finish off the material I wanted to check for the inscription database. I had hoped to get this finished today but there was more than I expected and most of it was in Greek and German (the only bit that wasn’t was in French) so I’m hoping to finish it off on Monday.

Another of the Summer Fellows (Clare) arrived today, she seems quite friendly. We went out for lunch together which was nice. I’d ordered what I’d hoped was a healthy lunch – turned out to be coated in mayonnaise and the iced green tea was full of sugar (bye bye 15 points). It was quite tasty though. When I was ordering they asked if I wanted chips (crisps I think), baguette or an apple on the side. I clarified this with the server and opted for the apple. Clare misheard her server, and thought they were asking what bread she wanted for her sandwich. She was presented with a full sandwich with half a plain baguette on the side of the plate. Very odd.
After lunch, it was back to library and some more work. I finished up at about 3pm and went swimming for half an hour. Managed 800m in about 31-32 minutes.
I’m going to explore the city tomorrow – so I’m looking forward to that.
I’ve added a couple of extra albums – one of gym (including the suspended indoor running track) and one for the area around the campus. There are also a few more pictures to the campus and americana albums too.

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