Covington & Classic Cars

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I had a lie-in today and then headed out to the bus stop to catch a bus downtown. I’ve added a couple more pictures to the ‘Around Campus’ album.

After reaching downtown I walked over the big suspension bridge and went for a slow wander through Covington. There were a lot of really nice buildings and churches in the area. I found the street that the car show was on but was at the wrong end of it! Thankfully it was a very nice street to wander along. I found the show after a few minutes of walking.
The cars were fabulous, lots of old classic American cars. I spent some time wandering about looking at all the cars on show before settling down to lunch. Got a nice salad and just sat outside watching the world go by and at the cars.
After lunch I head back through Covington, and spent a bit of time getting some pictures of some of the buildings in Covington. There was a really strong Germanic influence which I was expecting given the history of the town.
It was then back over the bridge and the bus back to campus. I’ve had a quite lazy afternoon/evening lazing around and had a bath.

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