Back in the Library

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So I got to the library about 9.30 this morning… it would have been earlier but I’d forgotten my office key so had to go back for it.

I spent a bit of time this morning sorting through some older database drafts I had from the early days of my PhD and copied over what was useful – and re-edited where necessary. I had some useful stuff back in the older versions which should come in handy.

I also managed to finish looking at all the journals I needed for the inscription database which I’m pleased about.

And more importantly when I was looking over the last article I noticed that it seemed to be a summary of the excavation as it happened back in 1887-1888. I remembered that KH1 had a similar section so decided to cross reference them and make a composite diary for the excavation during those years. I’ve got some more references to add to this and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it tomorrow. I was so caught up with it I ended up leaving the library an hour later than I had planned for today.

Plus I went out for Lunch with Claire, Getzel and two others (who had been Tytus fellows last year and had come back to use the library again) which was nice.


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