Sandwich Success

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Today I managed to order a sandwich for a lunch that was on straightforward bread with no hidden extras. Hallelujah. And it was really nice, and I think I’ll go there again. It seems to be pretty much the norm for people to eat out everyday for lunch. Watching the Graduate students in the library, if that is the normal amount of junk most people eat it would explain a lot about obesity in the USA.

I had lunch with Claire again, and on the way back we were chatting about ordering food and she regaled a story which was even funnier than getting half a plain baguette as a side dish to a sandwich. She’d ordered a cappuccino and was asked if she wanted it wet or dry. Seriously. Apparently wet is when you have a mix of foam and liquid (in other words a normal cappuccino), dry is all foam with an expresso shot, which just sounds…well, awful. She said that the barrista was confused by the fact that she didn’t know what the wet/dry coffee options were. My thought was can you imagine if an American tried to order a wet cappuccino in the UK… can you imagine the sarcasm?
But on more serious things.. the excavation diary is coming together nicely, I’ve still got a bit from KH1 to get through, and I’ve leafed through KH2 and some of the entries in Αρχαιολογικον Δελτιον- so the plan is to get as much of those finished tomorrow as possible. I have some other reports I want to look over just to see if there is something in them, plus others where I know that there is information. I’m thinking that this should take the rest of this week, at which point I should know where the research is headed next.
At the moment the diary is in note form, I’m not sure how to store it on the computer. OneNote seems theoretically like a good idea but in practice (when I was playing around a bit today – I needed a break from the German and Greek) it just doesn’t seem the right format to me.
So this evening, after dinner I got some laundry done (can you believe that you have to pay for the machines? Although I suppose since this is not University property but a private company that profit is essential). After I’d done this I was kind of bored so decided to have a look at the gym in the building. It was quite small, just one treadmill, two cross trainers and a bike.
I couldn’t get the bike to work, not because I couldn’t program it… but because I couldn’t get the seat in the right position. I was either over-stretching my legs or at risk of hitting myself in the face with my knees. It wasn’t a normal exercise bike (by my standards) but one where the pedals are in front (rather than underneath) you. So I decided to have a bit of walk on the treadmill, where I then started wondering what would happen if I upped the speed… my fitness has definitely improved… I jogged (yes jogged) for 10 minutes, and I managed 30 minutes on the cross trainer too. I’m rather proud of myself.
Sometimes I wonder about American pronunciation of place names …. you get a lot of city names from across the world as towns and cities in various states. (Ohio seems to have a London and an Athens). But seriously pronouncing Delhi as Dell-hi… just weird.

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