Another productive day

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Although I did need a bit of a lie in this morning, as there was a big thunder and lightning storm last night which ran for a couple of hours. Some of the lightning was very bright.

And as a result of this, it was a bit cooler today.
Spent the day in the library again, I’ve gotten all of the diary typed up onto the computer. I have a few more reports to translate and add into it, but I’m hoping to have those done by Monday/Tuesday next week. It is interesting to piece the excavation together using the older reports – it is giving me a really good idea of how things worked on the dig.
Tomorrow will be spent working on translating the excavation reports from the 1960s.
Claire is coming over later tonight, just to watch TV and have a few beers. And we may be going out tomorrow night. A friend of Claires’ came over here on the same project a couple of years ago and made friends with some of the grad students here. She put Claire in touch with some of them, and then generally go out for drinks on a friday.
I’ll probably go for a swim tomorrow morning, just in case we are heading out straight from the library.

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