Busy day

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Another busy day in the library – the diary/history of the sanctuary is coming along nicely. I’ve gotten the all of the key sections in KH1 and KH2 which is good. I’ll check over the rest of these volumes and the other KH volumes tomorrow. I also spent some time going over the British School’s Archaeological Reports to add in. I want to go over Archaiologikon Deltion too, but that summarises the archaeology of Greece year-by-year so it should be easy enough to track down the right volumes (I hope!)

I’m really pleased with how it is turning out, I think it will be a very usual resource when working through the excavation information. It is very easy to see how the excavation reports got their problems.
When I was looking for some information today I came across this site. I hadn’t realised that the Kabeirion was one of the areas that was hit badly by wildfires in 2007.
Here’s the link to the site with the images: CLICK HERE

Although the site was quite badly burned, the dig house survived and you can actually see some of the archaeology rather well.
After the library today, I went for a swim – managed 1300m in 30 minutes with the flippers which is a 100m improvement on the previous attempt with them.
Am having a quiet evening, just pottering on watching the TV.

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