Saturday and Shopping

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So after a bit of a lie in, I met up with Claire. She had mentioned yesterday that she wanted to go shopping and had found somewhere which looked like it had a good range of shops.
For some reason most of the big shopping places tend to be out of town, rather in the city centre, probably on the basis that it is easier to drive to. A long bus ride was necessary, obviously. Thankfully there was bus from the University to the centre which made things much easier. The map shows where the University is (big orange square) in comparison to the centre (A). You can see that it is quite a way.

The bus ride was quite nice, as they are air-conditioned, and remarkably quiet whenever I’ve been on them. The route was quite wandering but gave an opportunity to see a bit more of some of residential suburbs. There are some fabulous old houses, in varying conditions, but attractive nevertheless. I saw a lot of those front porches with swings you always see in the movies, and even a yard sale.

The shopping centre was just a bunch of shops arranged around a central car park – Banana Republic, Gap, American Outfitters etc. Pretty typical. I managed to grab a couple of t-shirts on clearance ($6 for the pair) to replace some white tops that had some unfortunate staining incidents (mainly involved suntan lotion and dripping blue dye from a pair of jeans). So I was pleased to get a cheap replacement.
After mooching around the shopping centre we walked a few blocks south to an area called Hyde Park which was very pretty and had a lot of funky looking galleries and vintage shops (including one called Knickers of Hyde Park!) I took some pictures of this area and have set up an album for it.
We then caught the bus back to the University and I’ve had a relaxing evening watching tv.

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