Sunday and Sharks

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I had a bit of lie in this morning before I heading out about 10am. I decided to head for the aquarium. And it was a lot of fun.
They had a lot of cool exhibits. Lots of fish (obviously), turtles, alligators, jellyfish, octopus – which you would expect. As I said earlier over the webcam, there was a talk about the big shark tank, given by a diver in the tank itself. And the little shark kept wanting attention which was quite funny. I took a few pictures but the exhibits weren’t exactly easy to photograph – no flash=blurry, but the flash didn’t work too well with the tanks. I’ve put what pictures I did take up in an album. I’ve edited them a bit to take out the worst of the reflected flashes or odd reflections on the tanks.

There were also penguins! And otters! But they also had lorakeets – which you could feed. An obliging person near me took a picture of me with them. And no, they didn’t poop on me.

I also got to stroke a shark, just a small four-foot one. I think it was a zebra shark (but I’m not sure). It felt sort of like very soft, very fine sandpaper.

I then wandered down to the Goettafest that was going on at the riverfront. It was nice to see even though I wasn’t sure on the food.
After that it was back to the apartment, where I’ve had a very lazy afternoon and evening. It will be back in the library tomorrow, planning on dealing with more of the items which need translating and adding to the diary. I’m hoping to have that at a good stage of completion by Wednesday.

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