Back in the Library

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So today was was quite busy but there isn’t really a lot to say.

I’ve carried on with the translation of the articles I was working on, got all of them run through the translation program and 4 out of 5 of them edited and added to the diary. I’ve just got to sort the last one and then that section of the work is done. This took most of the day, I’ve got copies of the originals and the plates accompanying them sorted as well.
I went out for lunch with Claire which was nice. And I finished up today at about 3.30 and went for a swim. Did 15min without flippers and 15min with them. I managed 400m (or 440m) without the flippers which I was very pleased about, and 600m with the flippers. Not too bad I think. Then it was off to home and a lazy evening in front of the TV.
So the plan for tomorrow is:
I have three articles to check over briefly, I want to add these to the diary but I have copies at home so it is something I can do in detail later. I’m planning on just adding notes to the diary so I know what information is in them. I’ve also got an old Greek magazine from 1887 to go through, the archaeological reports from Greece were published in in for that year, I’m hoping that there may be something about the first dig in it (although I’m not expecting anything). And last but not least I’ve got one more German article to get through. And then that is the diary at a reasonable state of completion.

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