Library Success

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Huzzah! Today I finished the excavation diary, I actually got everything on my list done today. Right down to the photocopying of the articles I wanted to bring home with me (along with a few other pieces I wanted to copy). I’ve emailed it to both of you to have a look at – although it is quite long, and a lot of sections are probably not of interest as they are still a bit vague in terms of actual sense or in their use of the English language. I’m very pleased!

I’m planning on working through the book list I pre-prepared before coming over, so quite a bit of reading to do. And the good news is that I’m pretty much done with the German and Greek. I think there is only one more German book on the list. Only problem is that most of the books are in Italian instead… oh joy. But the book that is first on the list tomorrow is in English thankfully.
There isn’t really a lot to add, as it has been a pretty quiet day.
Had a lazy evening with a bath. I did try the exercise bike again this evening, but the seat position in relation to the pedals wasn’t kind on my knees so I decided to call it a day. I’ll try and go on the cross-trainer another evening this week.

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