Weird Advertising

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American advertising truly has to be seen to be believed.

The really worrying ones are the medical treatments. The voice-overs detailing the possible side affects (which for some treatments include permanent muscle spasms, suicide or heart attack, as well as a whole host of more “minor” effects) tend to last longer than the whole advert.
But there are many other slightly bizarre things too…
  • Cars which can get a whole 30 (yes, 30!) mpg are things of wonder
  • Insurance is needed for everything (cars, you, pets, houses, motorbikes, lorries, small children… the list goes on)
  • You can actually name a rival product and then spend the whole advert explaining why it is bad rather than why yours is good
  • Many adverts which we see in the UK which are badly dubbed are indeed American, and to be honest are better dubbed than having to watch the original version
  • Junk food is everywhere, is exceptionally cheap and exceptionally plastic looking

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