Читаете ли Вы русский ? ili Hrvatskom ? Български език?

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I’ve had a successful day, thanks to investigating the library catalogue here (and elsewhere) I’ve turned up a number of other articles. So today I’ve spent a fair amount of time sorting through them.

Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of interest in the Kabeiric cult outside Greece is done by eastern European scholars who publish in their own languages. So I’ve spent time today sorting bibliographic information for one Russian article, one in Croatian and a couple in Bulgarian. They don’t have the journals here, but the ones I’ve checked so far can be found in Athens – so I’ll have to have a trip over there at some point! Thankfully from the information I’ve found so far they all have summaries of the articles in English or French!
I also managed to go swimming this morning, only did 680m – a week off really makes a difference to my speed! But it was very nice to get back in the pool, I’m hoping to go again tomorrow. The membership expires this friday (27th), so I’ll try and go a few times before it runs out – it’ll make up for missing out a few swims last week!

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