I did go to other shops too

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I had hoped to get a shirt while I was at the shopping centre today but didn’t have any luck. Most had weird drawstring waists or ruffles which aren’t me. And the ones that were nice were not cut in a way that worked for me. If they fitted in the shoulders and arms, they were too big around the bust and waist, and if they fitted my waist they were too small everywhere else. I gave up after a while. Plus the colours available were never quite ‘me’.

I did, however manage to find a nice chunky belt in a nice dark brown, and it because it is a woven design there are no holes punched into it as the prong can fit anywhere – which means it is completely adjustable.

It did look very nice over the (albeit badly fitting) shirts I tried, so I know it will work with items I have or would want to have.

I also spent a little time this evening deciding which bits of clothing would not be coming back me, I’ve dumped quite a few old or shabby or baggy t-shirts and vests tonight. I have a few others which I’m on the fence about whether to keep or not, I think I need to work out if I get rid of them will I have enough stuff to last the weekend we’re away in York.


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