Looking forward to the Weekend

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I really am.

Definitely feeling fatigued in the library now. 5 days a week from 9.30ish to 4-4.30ish are heavy. Especially when I’m constantly translating – seriously, I’ve read very little stuff in English since I came over here.
But I got a few more bits and pieces done. There is one more article I wouldn’t mind looking at (but of course that particular journal issue is out at the moment. I’ll check again on Monday and Tuesday and see if it has been returned. If it doesn’t get returned it isn’t really a problem. It isn’t an essential article (it is on Lemnian inscriptions from the sanctuary there) so it isn’t a priority. I can have a good look at it at a later date.
There isn’t anything else I’m really wanting to get while I’m here, I’ll have a nose around in the stacks and see if anything else turns up. It’ll be nice just to mooch around a bit. And to be honest it is nice not having anything that I really have to get done before I come home. It gives me a bit of breathing space.
I also went swimming this afternoon, I lost count at one point, so I either did 1040m or 1080m. Either way, I think it was a successful swim.
On the way back I nearly had another incident, though not anything to do with me. A rather large branch fell off the tree shortly after I’d walked under it. I was freaked out to say the least.

After the library shut for today a group of postgraduate who I hadn’t met and one of the staff went out to the Biergarten across the road from my apartment. It was a lot of fun just to natter to some other people and hear about the University’s excavations at Pompeii, which apparently is getting a lot of support from Apple (the entire dig was paperless and was completely conducted – including on-site drawings – on iPads), which sounds pretty cool. Although everyone digging on the site had to sign confidentiality documents from Apple so couldn’t really say much about it.
They did order food, very Germanic, very deep-fried, and very odd. I tried a couple of bits – one deep fried pork and sauerkraut ball but the buffalo wings were covered in skin and looked awful so I didn’t try them. I also tried a couple of forkfuls of Goetta – which was possibly the oddest thing I have eaten. It tasted bizarre. It was only after some thought that I worked out what it reminded me of – a weird mix of (relatively-flavourless) pork mince and pop-corn. Yup. Pop-corn. I said it was odd. If you want to read more about Goetta, have a look HERE. I ended up sharing the cup of celery sticks with the vegetarian of the group.
Lets just say that all of this didn’t really agree with me. My stomach is not happy, I’m thinking that a combination of deep-frying and sauerkraut is not sensible and I’ve had indigestion and, ‘ahem’ other side effects shall we say? since I came home.
I’ve had a nice soak in the bath and am looking forward to going shopping tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the handbag is still there!

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