Getting Closer

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I had a quiet start to the day, had a natter with Mum and then I went to the pharmacy to get some ear drops. I managed to get some homeopathic drops which help the pain. It seems to be easing if I use them and some painkillers. Hopefully it’ll get better soon. I’m wondering if this is caused by swimming, maybe I should get some ear plugs. I got some more ibuprofen too.

Then it was to the library, after the news yesterday that there are several people signed up for the Spices course, I decided just to potter on with some gentle research for it. I’ve been compiling a list of spices and herbs today, and I’ll finish that off tomorrow.
Of course, I received an email this evening asking that since this is the last week could they have a one-two page report on the work conducted here. And oh, could they have it before we left? So I have to get that sorted, I got most of it done this evening and I’ll finish it off tomorrow. Why can’t they tell you about these kind of things earlier?
I’ve had a quiet evening, just pottering on in the flat, sorting out some papers and stuff. I’ll get everything ready tomorrow night and pack on Wednesday morning. I’ll clean up the office and return my office keys and copy card tomorrow. I”ll book my shuttle to the airport tomorrow too.
Can’t wait to come home though.

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