January Round-Up: The Finished Objects

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Since I’ve been lax actually talking about what I am knitting at the moment. And since I actually knitted quite a bit in January, it seems better that I summarise the January finished objects into one post.

Test-Knit Cowl

Test-knit for a friend. Used 1 full skein of sock yarn, and overdyed it when I finished knitting it up. The original colour can be seen on my project page. Pattern will be available sometime soon.

Grown Up

The pattern is by Justyna Lorkowska, and is available to purchase via Ravelry. I knitted it up in Drops Andes – a wool /  Alpaca blend. I love jumpers like this, which are perfect for layering over long-sleeved T-Shirts. I’m not a big fan of longer sleeves (I like them for warmth but tend to roll them up the first chance I get), so this design is perfect. I love the asymmetric details on it too, especially the hem. And the pattern has a few optional details, you can choose whether to include the asymmetric hem and collar and the pocket too. I made a few mods to the shaping, details are on my project page.

Jewellery (Cable Braided Necklace & Entwined)

I had a small quantity of handspun tussah silk, and wanted something small and slightly luxurious to knit with it. I quite like the outcome of these.


A cozy little headscarf-type hat, and a free pattern too – available from Knitty. I used some of my own handspun for this one.

Flightless 2.0

This is the shawl I’m having test knit at the moment. I won’t say too much now, but you’ll be seeing more of this in the near future.


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