How can I buy a pattern?

All patterns are available through Ravelry and Craftsy, the appropriate links can be found on the individual pattern pages. The stores can also be accessed via the Ravelry and Craftsy icons in the sidebar menu.

I’m not a Ravelry or Craftsy member, so can I still buy a pattern?

Yes, if you are purchasing via Ravelry; membership of Ravelry is not required to purchase patterns. If you wish to purchase through Craftsy, log in or registration is required

How can I pay?

All patterns can be purchased via PayPal, either with a PayPal account or a credit / debit card.

Is the pattern compatible with my computer?

All the patterns are published in PDF format, with is an universal file type and can be opened via all operating systems.

Why is part of the pattern is missing when I printed it?

The patterns are written / laid out on A4 paper dimensions. This page type is not commonly used in North America (the norm is Letter). Printer settings will need to be amended. Go to printer properties in Adobe Reader or the appropriate program used to open the file, and amend paper type to Letter. Make sure options to either ‘Fit’ or ‘Shrink Oversized Pages’ is selected to ensure pattern is set to the required dimensions. 

I’ve found an error in the pattern, what should I do?

Contact me! Either using aphaia.knits (at) gmail.com or the contact form on this website. Corrections to the pattern will be uploaded via Ravelry and Craftsy.

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