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Pinched Ideas – A Year in Pictures…

Pinched from A Long-Ayelander because it was such a funky idea even if its a little late in the New Year. So here it is, a year in pictures…
Back home in the north east, from a day out in Dunstanburgh, look at the sky…
Being silly while ill… lets leave that there…

Enjoying the views (and the weather), easter break in Greece, where I ended up at Acrocorinth
Orchid fair… pretty!

A perfect spring day, Sweetheart Abbey.

Jousting at Linlithgow… scary stuff, one of the jousters dislocated his shoulder in the first session…



Back in the trenches… Pollok excavations. Always fun being an archaeologist on public digs, conversation usually runs along the lines of “You’re a PhD Student, that is great, what do you study?”, me: “Greek pottery”, and then either silence or “why are you digging in Scotland?”



Edradour distillery… I had to include this one, didn’t I?



Edinburgh Zoo and hyperactive honey badger… of course…



Undergraduate field trip to Dunnadd, we didn’t loose any students… well at least not this time. It has been known…



Castle Campbell, looking all autumny and ever so slightly depressing…



New Year in Ireland, at Glendalough

So Et Voilà! A year in pictures…

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Oops Again.

I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last updated…I know I’m bad.  And to be honest what I’ve been doing has not been of great interest to anyone except me…(hang on…include me in the not interested list too).

I finally had a meeting with my supervisors on Monday and to be honest I was dreading it.  I think its pretty normal for postgrads to get back after summer break and suddenly have minor panic attacks along the lines of “OMG I haven’t worked enough!”  However, not only were they happy with the work I’ve submitted so far (minimal changes only) and they think what I’m currently working on is good.  Plus they are pleased with the two conferences I’m doing and the article that is due to be published in Nov.  They also both agreed on me turning the Appendix on sites into a book and are willing to let me start that now.  Amazingly good methinks.

I chaperoned a field trip yesterday, while some were a pain in the arse (and I’m not just talking about undergrads) there were some funny moments…like watching a girl in ballet slipper type shoes try and walk around archaeological and muddy sites.  Heh heh…

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So I haven’t posted in a while…I know and I’m sorry (but only a little bit).  Things have been pretty busy since I got back from Athens.  I spent a few days with John before he left to go and wander around fields with bits of geophysicking equipment for a departmental project.  So they passed really quickly…unsurprising given we hadn’t seen each other in a month.  Then on Sat he left and my Mum came up for a visit. We’ve shopped a lot and eaten a lot…that is probably the bect summary I can give.

We’ve had lunches in lots of nice restaurants in the West End and City Centre.  Bought some really nice things too…I have new Shoes!!! (hurrah). And a beautiful wrap dress.

Yesterday we went to Linlithgow Palace and Blackness Castle which were both very cool (cold in fact at Linlithgow).

Today we had curry for lunch and are just pottering around the flat this afternoon.  I should try and tidy up a bit before J gets back….ah well.

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I hurt…but that’s what you get when you go digging I guess. It was bloody cold out there, trying to dig in hailstones is NOT fun. Neither is trying to dig in rain or high winds…but hailstones are painful. On the bright side I survived and managed to find not one, not two but SIX stakeholes and a posthole too. This was after shifting some dozen wheelbarrows of lovely soggy, sandy soil. But at least I found something…right?

I’m going back out again next week for two days this time…god I hope my knees can stand it, I’m seriously thinking about getting some knee pads. Gravel hurts.

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What is happening…

Figured this would be the easiest way to try and explain my complicated life…although I don’t think that its necessarily complicated just hectic.

1. Had meeting with my supervisors, they seem happy with what I’m doing.

2. I’m heading off to Reading for two weeks to play in the Museum down there and visit Ally…which is very cool as I haven’t managed to meet up with her for like 3 years.

3. Off to Athens at Easter..for 2 weeks YAY! Then I have to come back to Glasgow.

4. Teaching again…got oodles of classes in early Febuary…I’m thinking of the money!

5. Got work on a dig in Scotland, excavating the site of a future golf course at Loch Lomond. I don’t know what I’m doing, where I’m going or if it is volunteer or paid work. The only thing I do know is that I have to be at the department by 7.15am….not good..but hey I can sleep on the bus.

At this point I get confused and need to lie down…my life is way too busy.