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Museums a-go-go!

Went to the Market this morning and am now the proud joint owner of enough vegetables and fruit to sink a small battle ship (it would have to be a very small and crappy battle ship as cherries aren’t recognised as an offical weapon of war). So at least I’m being fed for the next few days.

Then we went to the National Archaeological Museum. I love that place…so much to see. Lots of vases including lots of cases on Boeotian pottery, with one devoted to Kabeiric ware. That one is right at the end of gallery, I get the distinct impression they didn’t know quite where to put it so bunged it in at the end. Then we had a mooch around the other galleries.

Afterwards we went to the Epigraphic museum, its right next door to the national but its always deserted. It does have some amazing inscriptions including the tribute lists from Athens, on of which is nearly 15 ft high. The lettering is less than an inch or two in height and the whole thing is covered. Very cool.

Then I went shopping…hurrah I have carrier bags full of things!

Now I’m in the library having finished the first draft of the article I’m working on and fancied a break from book things.

Plus I watching a few interesting, non-painful patches of sunburn starting to develop…bugger, and I had sun tan lotion on too…


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Back Again

It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable I am in Athens. I don’t visit for a while and yet I come back and feel like I never left. I only arrived yesterday, after a very long day, and things just don’t feel any different.

Sharing a room with Ja, same one we had at Easter, so at least we know that its a nice room. We went out for a meal last night, along with Ma2 to a very nice Cretan restaurant and then just as we were finishing dinner C turned up. With lots of other people. Since it was her leaving do. She’s got a job working at the Museums at Newcastle University, so at least I can go and visit. It was wierd watching her leave with all her stuff today, she’s been here four years so it was one familiar face you always saw.

Had a minor panic today when we were reminded that the holiday on the 15th has been turned into a holiday weekend and hotels are a rarity in certain areas…Guess where we wanted to be. We were planning on going to the Argolid first but since hotel space is non existent we’ve decided to reverse the trip and go to Delphi first, then drive south, over a bridge and into the Peloponnese…And we’ve found hotels in Delphi and Olympia…so we have beds for the holiday weekend. Hurrah we won’t have to sleep in the car!


A Diary from Athens

Right well I figured I should update this thing again. I’ve been in Athens for a week now (a week? already?) and I have to admit it is really nice to be back – I miss this place when I’m in Glasgow. So what have I been up to I hear you ask (or possibly not, maybe the little voices are talking to me again) – so here’s a quick rundown of the whole thing.

Arrived safely, on time and with luggage, which is rather unusual for me. Went out for dinner to a friends birthday and played darts.

Got unpacked (exciting isn’t it) and spent some time in the library sorting things out, later went down to Exarchia and played Tavli (Backgammon) with some friends.


Went shopping on Ermou to get some bits and pieces then spent the rest of the day very quietly.

Beach! Got sunburnt, eaten by mosquitos and had a great time, though the sea was freezing.

Terrified everyone with my sunburn, worked in the library. There was a lecture at the school so I went to that. Afterwards we went out for food to a great Cretan restaurant.

Sunburn is fading but drying and is getting uncomfortable. Feeling very proud of myself today – I translated a chapter from ‘Die Bauten im Kabirenheiligtum bei Theban’ on the development of the site during my time period. Played darts.

Sunburn is fading to a nice colour but I’ve started peeling which I dislike intensely. More library work today and then I’m not really sure.

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Well I made it safely to Athens (with my luggage – anyone who knows me will tell you how unusual that is) and arrived at the School and immediately met someone from Glasgow (small world!). Went out for a birthday meal, and then darts.

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How’d that happen?

I’m sure time is on fast forward at the moment…just a few weeks ago I was coming home for a while before I packed up and moved again…and now I’m leaving Tuesday. (Ooops. Really should have paid more attention.) But I’m off yet again, sure people (including my supervisors) think I need a tracking device, to Athens (now there’s a surprise). All I can say is I’m glad. Really looking forward to getting out of this country for a while. Much as I like the UK, I need a change.