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Back online again

Finally got internet access again, the hotel has wireless which we can hook into in our room which makes things a lot easier.

We have travelled around so much in the last couple of weeks…been to so many places.

Mycenaean tombs at Thebes
Delphi Archaeological Museum
Sanctuary of Athena and Gymnasium at Delphi
Monastery of Osios Loukas
Cave of the Lakes
Olympia Archaeological Museum
Museum of the history of excavations at Olympia
Museum of Olympic Games at Olympia
Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia
Temple of Apollo at Bassai
Nestor’s Palace
Chora Archaeological Museum
Castle of Pylos
Pylos Archaeological Museum
Methoni Castle
Acropolis at Sparta
Sparta Archaeological Museum
Museum of the Olive at Sparta
Corinth Archaeological Museum
Nemea Archaeological Museum
Corinth Canal

Just a few!

We head back to the airport for the flight home on wednesday and its back to the cold world of Glasgow.

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Peloponesian Bound

Came over the new bridge from central greece to the peloponnese which was amazing and immense. Decided to visit a cave with lakes in it in the central area and got lost a couple of times on the way there and then again on the way from there to Olympia. oops. The caves were amazing, but you couldn’t take pictures which was a real shame. Found our way eventually to Olympia and actually found the hotel too. They have free internet access hurrah!