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More Adventures!

As most of ou guys know, Jackie was coming out to Greece in August and on Monday she arrived! So off we went in a little purple hire car northwards.

One. Got Jackie at the airport and drove north, no problems on roads and reached Thebes, museum was shut so I couldn’t go in with my letter asking for entry to the Kabeirion, as we were leaving Thebes saw sign for road to Delphi (a different one to the one I’d planned on taking) and set off, passing a brown archaeoological site sign that said Kabeirion. Decided to follow it so I knew where sanctuary was, reached site and realised that there was a big hole in the fence,so in we went. The road was little more than a dirt track and it made the wee purple car rather brown…especially when you drive through muddy puddles. Carried on and reached delphi around 5.30, went to museum – lovely and quiet no big tour groups. Then drinks and very nice meal in restaurant overlooking gulf.

Two. Headed across the mountains to Thermopylae, had a look at the site, then on to Karmena Vourla for lunch – at the nice Italian restaurant I found the last time I was there. Headed back to Delphi and got a fit of giggles when I saw the turning for the road which I got stuck up the last time I was in Thermopylae. More drinks in Delphi and another good meal, spoke Greek to the waiter and he was so impressed he gave us free dessert

Three.  A quieter day, went to the sanctuary of Apollo and the museum again in the morning. Then drove down the coast at lunch time for food and a swim, then back up to the town and had a look at the lower site there, temples of Athena and a gymnasium. Very hot. Back to hotel, drank wine on the balcony and then into town for a very good steak. Got some beers and went back to hotel and sat on balcony and rank them, I was cold (only 25-28 degrees) so was sitting in delphi in august wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. There’s actually photographic proof for this.

Four. Got up and headed for Chaironeia – went to an ancient theatre and a grave monument for the Thebans during ones of the wars waged by the Macedonians when they were conquering greece. On to Orchomenos, looked at a mycenaean tholos tomb and another theatre. Then to Gla, a mycenaean settlement like Mycenae only much bigger. Then thebes for lunch and the museum and then we headed back to Athens.