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So I haven’t posted in a while…I know and I’m sorry (but only a little bit).  Things have been pretty busy since I got back from Athens.  I spent a few days with John before he left to go and wander around fields with bits of geophysicking equipment for a departmental project.  So they passed really quickly…unsurprising given we hadn’t seen each other in a month.  Then on Sat he left and my Mum came up for a visit. We’ve shopped a lot and eaten a lot…that is probably the bect summary I can give.

We’ve had lunches in lots of nice restaurants in the West End and City Centre.  Bought some really nice things too…I have new Shoes!!! (hurrah). And a beautiful wrap dress.

Yesterday we went to Linlithgow Palace and Blackness Castle which were both very cool (cold in fact at Linlithgow).

Today we had curry for lunch and are just pottering around the flat this afternoon.  I should try and tidy up a bit before J gets back….ah well.

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Travels so far

I was in Athens for two weeks, lovely weather for the first week, cold for the second though it was getting sunnier by the time I left. When I was there I worked in the Library, visited museums and sites, dranks large quantities of beer, saw a lot of friends who I’d lost touch with and annoyed the Glasgow trip who were in Athens when I was there. I also met the guy in charge of all the archaeology in the region of Greece which I study and he was very nice and seemed willing to allow me access to the material I need for the PhD. Got a stinking cold and spent flight home and next couple of days being ill and miserable.

Was Geophysicking this weekend up in Argyll and had great fun and got sunburnt (not so fun). Got to use some of the equipment too.