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The Cows are Chasing Me…

Seriously they are…

I first met the Cow Parade Cows in New York several years ago, then they turned up in Amsterdam. And then Edinburgh. And finally in Athens back in 2006.

Now they are invading my home…

The idea behind Cow Parade is really good, and its nice to see some of the really unusual things people do when presented with a giant plastic cow and told to customise it.

The best I’ve seen so far was a bright purple one which had been turned into a washing machine in Athens.

Sadly though I have also seen these poor cows abused. It was saddening to see that the ones in Edinburgh had been vandalised, graffiti all over them (I realise that some are designed to look graffitied, believe me this one wasn’t), one even had a broken horn. Poor cows.

It seems a shame that the only ones I’ve ever seen damaged are here in the UK. I realise that their probably have been cow attacks elsewhere in the world, but its sad to think that it happens here as well.

So if you see a cow, take a picture not a horn as a souvenir.

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Dyed my hair again last night, I’m now I kind of purple. Its a wee bit brighter than I expected but I like it…even if I was getting people staring at me in the park. Sunlight, bright hair dye and naturally red hair are not a good combination – think day glo. It makes life interesting anyway. Nearly finished this term, so looking forward to going away to New York! (M – brace yourself I’ve started making a shopping list although I get the feeling it could get a lot longer).