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Travels so far

I was in Athens for two weeks, lovely weather for the first week, cold for the second though it was getting sunnier by the time I left. When I was there I worked in the Library, visited museums and sites, dranks large quantities of beer, saw a lot of friends who I’d lost touch with and annoyed the Glasgow trip who were in Athens when I was there. I also met the guy in charge of all the archaeology in the region of Greece which I study and he was very nice and seemed willing to allow me access to the material I need for the PhD. Got a stinking cold and spent flight home and next couple of days being ill and miserable.

Was Geophysicking this weekend up in Argyll and had great fun and got sunburnt (not so fun). Got to use some of the equipment too.

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What is happening…

Figured this would be the easiest way to try and explain my complicated life…although I don’t think that its necessarily complicated just hectic.

1. Had meeting with my supervisors, they seem happy with what I’m doing.

2. I’m heading off to Reading for two weeks to play in the Museum down there and visit Ally…which is very cool as I haven’t managed to meet up with her for like 3 years.

3. Off to Athens at Easter..for 2 weeks YAY! Then I have to come back to Glasgow.

4. Teaching again…got oodles of classes in early Febuary…I’m thinking of the money!

5. Got work on a dig in Scotland, excavating the site of a future golf course at Loch Lomond. I don’t know what I’m doing, where I’m going or if it is volunteer or paid work. The only thing I do know is that I have to be at the department by 7.15am….not good..but hey I can sleep on the bus.

At this point I get confused and need to lie down…my life is way too busy.

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Laptop + Book = Bad

Yay! I’m still alive and I’ve finished my masters, the dissertation is (finally) handed in and I am free…well at least until I start the PhD. Got kidnapped by a bunch of Greeks who live in my block, and given nice things to drink.  They’ve also promised to cook for me which isn’t bad.

Other than that I haven’t been happy, got tonsilitus last week which very kindly corresponded with my comuter breaking. It was my own fault, laptops aren’t designed to have books dropped on the screen, I had to buy a new one and I nearly lost all my work. I’m now trying to convince the insurance company to pay for all of this, since they do cover accidental damage.

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I don’t have to enter the real world!

I’m so happy…I got my confirmation saying that the university will take me for a PhD. Hurrah! I get to stay a student.

Unfortunately trying to celebrate this fabulous achievement is problematic as everyone is either a) ill, b) revising or c) depressed. but there’s still time.  I really should be working but I can’t be bothered and I have 2 presentations next week, one of which I didn’t know anything about until yesterday…