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Done… Almost.

Hurrah! Last tutorial today, so all my teaching is done.  The tutorials this semester have been something of a mixed bag. Some have gone really well, others have dragged.  It really does depend on how much prep the students have done in the first place though.  It is impossible to get a decent discussion going when they haven’t even looked at the text, nor have they brought a copy with them.  But its done…

….apart from the last of the marking 😦

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Panic and procrastination

I’ve been working on my first lecture today and kept finding myself going around in circle… where do you start designing a course where you have no idea how to even begin… Plus on top of that I’m having nightmarish day dreams where my class hates me. Not good.

Besides that, it is actually fun to go through material I haven’t looked at in a while, its interesting what bits you do remember. And it is nice to do something other than PhD work – then again, any form of procrastination is fun…

Which brings me on to my other problem, how do I stop messing about? I’m finding that I’m spending more and more time on the net these days, looking at web-comics, tv reviews, other blogs, news websites, online games… and even off the net I’m time wasting – seriously, I’m up to £10,000/points on the Las Vegas version of solitaire (one of the options on the Microsoft Windows version)… very sad but better than trying to re-read chapter three of the thesis for the umpteenth time.

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Well Here’s To Persia

So my course that I had designed a long time ago (or so it seems) is actually running, in some ways it is a surprise that it is going ahead. A late entrant (with more potentially) tipped the course from a not-gonna-happen option to one which is now active. Unfortunately this means that I have to actually prepare stuff now… annoying but in some ways it is good that it is happening. Its good for me from a career-development perspective. Its just that finishing the PhD along with this course is going to be complex and interesting. I have a feeling that I am going to be stressed, neurotic and tired before very long.
Anyway in the meantime here’s a pretty picture of Persia for us to enjoy…


This week I have been…

Friday – Monday

Spent the Weekend at Scottish S’s, it was cold, it was snowy and it was great fun.  I fell in a snowdrift and managed to walk up the big hill, although I did need numerous breaks on the way up (unhealthy? moi?….oh hell yeah).


Had a german class…the fun never stops!


Met people for coffee (caffeine is fun), and then joy of joys a tutorial class.  Trying to get first year students to talk in a seminar setting is near impossible.  Imagine the scenario:

Me: So what do you think of how archaeological sites are discovered?

Class: *silence*

Me: Anyone?

Class: *silence….stare at walls, table, ceiling etc.*

Me: Right, if you lot don’t start talking I’m going to pick on individuals and make them talk.

Class: *sudden explosion of talking*

You get the picture.  After that it was departmental and Hellenic society seminars.  Amazingly the dept. one had stuff which could be applied to my PhD which was rather a nice surprise.

Thursday -Friday

Dig! Again with the heavy shovelling of soil.  And I managed to drop a wheel barrow on my knee…I know it sounds strange but I fell over into the spoil heap and wheel barrow followed…I know have an interesting bruise on my knee.


Spent morning in agony from aforementioned dig…..bits of me hurt that I didn’t know existed.  Then I ate my tea…then assisted my flatmate eat his tea.  Then we got beers and played pool and monopoly and cards….drinking lots of beer and sambuca – hic!

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I survived!

Had my first tutorial class today and it actually went ok. Nineteen people turned up and I ran out of chairs, I ended up sitting on a pair of stepladders since there was nowhere else to sit. Hopefully I can get a bigger room next time.

Tomorrow I have to supervise a field trip, 6 chaperones and 150 students. Should be mayhem methinks. 9 hours on a coach with first years – god help me!