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Travel Knitting, A.K.A. Sheer Chaos

I was planning to head down to Newcastle due to family issues. And was trying to decide what to take with me. However, real life kicked in and family issues became family emergency, before concluding with family bereavement. Not good.

Things have been tough. And in Friday night madness, I ended up flinging everything into a bag and then spent last night peering into the big canvas bag of yarny randomness to see what on earth I had brought with me.

So…. The bag revealed:

• Two drop spindles
• Two 25g batts of Shetland yarn in brown and black
• Three balls of Drops Merino Extra Fine and the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat pattern
• One ball of sock yarn and the Maraschino shawl pattern I’m working on
• Random assortment of Jamieson & Smith Jumperweight/Shetland Supreme
• Most of my regular knitting needles and accessories
• Part ball of New Lanark Aran
• Whimsical Little Knits 1
• Two 4mm straight knitting needles
• Two balls of Yarn Yard Clan and the fair isle socks they’re connected to

So just a bit excessive and random…

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Stateside this summer

Hurrah!  I was awarded a summer residency position this summer in Ohio where my only obligation (at least that I’ve been told about) is to carry out my own research.

Five weeks in Cincinnati with University and library access and an apartment in some fancy off-campus student accommodation. While I realise that “student” accommodation may sound warning bells, but seriously, I’ve yet to come across university housing which comes equipped with dishwashers.  Yup, dishwashers. And the ground floor is full of restaurants and bars. And a gym. And wi-fi.  I think I’m going to be very happy.

I’ve got the flights sorted, which was actually trickier than expected.  Cincinnati seems to be off the main routes of most major airlines (including the american ones).  From my searching, flying from the UK to a secondary hub (either in the UK or mainland Europe) only offers one airline which flies straight to the city.  So I’m flying via London and Newark, 3 flights in all.  I could have taken the the 2 flight option of going through Paris. But that would have meant paying more, and spending far more time than I could stand in Charles de Gaulle airport – possibly the most expensive, clinical and downright unfriendly airport I have ever spent time in. (And this list includes Acapulco… where I once waited for a very long time for no apparent reason. The only comment from the pilots and cabin crew to all the passengers when we finally got to board was, “where have you lot been, we’ve been waiting for you for hours”).

The visa is sorted too. I’ve been trying to work out what things are where in the city with varying degrees of success.  I know where I’ll be living and where the library/department are that I need but I have no clue as to where I can buy food. But I figure that that is the kind of thing that can be sorted on arrival. Two things I don’t get though.

1. Why is the city shunned by guidebooks? A trip to the bookstores around here yielded a total of about 5 pages of information.

2. Why do all attractions/malls/general area information only include directions for people driving?  I won’t have a car, and I sure ain’t taxi-ing it everywhere. Is is so hard to say if you can walk someone or catch a bus? *

Now all I need to suss out is what the shopping and sightseeing research I’m going to do this summer.

*Actually looking at the city there appears to be a couple of bus services which should get me everywhere I need to go but still some help/general guidelines would be useful.

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The Cows are Chasing Me…

Seriously they are…

I first met the Cow Parade Cows in New York several years ago, then they turned up in Amsterdam. And then Edinburgh. And finally in Athens back in 2006.

Now they are invading my home…

The idea behind Cow Parade is really good, and its nice to see some of the really unusual things people do when presented with a giant plastic cow and told to customise it.

The best I’ve seen so far was a bright purple one which had been turned into a washing machine in Athens.

Sadly though I have also seen these poor cows abused. It was saddening to see that the ones in Edinburgh had been vandalised, graffiti all over them (I realise that some are designed to look graffitied, believe me this one wasn’t), one even had a broken horn. Poor cows.

It seems a shame that the only ones I’ve ever seen damaged are here in the UK. I realise that their probably have been cow attacks elsewhere in the world, but its sad to think that it happens here as well.

So if you see a cow, take a picture not a horn as a souvenir.


So I haven’t updated for ages…

Yes I am well aware that I have apparently dropped off the face of the earth… So just to prove that I am still alive and functioning, here are some pretty pictures of places I have been to recently…

So this is Sparta with the Taygetus Mountains in the background…look Greece gets snow!

And Mystra, the upper town and the Kastro… at the very top.  This picture also features my Mum’s elbow…

Monemvasia…there is a big castle at the top of that rather large rock… and no I didn’t climb to the top…

However I am not lazy as I made it to the Acrocorinth (another castle)… look how far up it is! This was taken from the top looking down onto the middle level of the castle…  the entrance is another level below that…

An ancient quarry!  Its interesting – honest! (well it is to me anyway)

And finally the Sanctuary of Hera at Perachora…pretty ain’t it.

And thats it for now…I have to get back to reading about vases, unfortunately the articles are all in Italian…oh joy.

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Back online again

Finally got internet access again, the hotel has wireless which we can hook into in our room which makes things a lot easier.

We have travelled around so much in the last couple of weeks…been to so many places.

Mycenaean tombs at Thebes
Delphi Archaeological Museum
Sanctuary of Athena and Gymnasium at Delphi
Monastery of Osios Loukas
Cave of the Lakes
Olympia Archaeological Museum
Museum of the history of excavations at Olympia
Museum of Olympic Games at Olympia
Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia
Temple of Apollo at Bassai
Nestor’s Palace
Chora Archaeological Museum
Castle of Pylos
Pylos Archaeological Museum
Methoni Castle
Acropolis at Sparta
Sparta Archaeological Museum
Museum of the Olive at Sparta
Corinth Archaeological Museum
Nemea Archaeological Museum
Corinth Canal

Just a few!

We head back to the airport for the flight home on wednesday and its back to the cold world of Glasgow.