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Well I finally got to see Bassai, which has a temple of Apollo. This is an unusual temple in the fact that it has a side door. This was so worth the trip. The site has recently been given world heritage status which means there is restoration and conservation going on, plus the temple is covered in what looks like a very large white circus tent. The temple is amazing, I never imagined it would be so big or so impressive. The drive there is beatiful too. This afternoon is going to be spent getting ready for the next stage of our journey down to Pylos where we plan to nose around some castles and the Nestor’s palace. We are staying there a couple of nights before heading to Sparta.


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Visited the archaeological site and museum this morning, a lot of work has been done here since I was last here in 2001 so it was really interesting to see. This afternoon we have been to see the two new museums on the history of olympic games and athletics and the history of the excavations. Very cool.

Unlike the temperature…which is rather hot.

Amazingly my legs seem to be tanning.

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Peloponesian Bound

Came over the new bridge from central greece to the peloponnese which was amazing and immense. Decided to visit a cave with lakes in it in the central area and got lost a couple of times on the way there and then again on the way from there to Olympia. oops. The caves were amazing, but you couldn’t take pictures which was a real shame. Found our way eventually to Olympia and actually found the hotel too. They have free internet access hurrah!

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Visited Thebes, they have closed my favourite restaurant so now I have nowhere to eat when I go there. Plus the museum is shut because they are finally updating the place. Hurrah. Really looking forward to seeing it. Also saw the mycenaean chamber tombs which I’ve never visited before. On our way out of the town we stopped off at the Kabeirion and was horrified at how overgrown it was. Completely inaccessible now. shame. Got to Delphi and had some beers and steaks before an early night.