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Normal Service will be Resumed Shortly…

Whilst I’m not a computer science grad… I can sympathise with the cartoon…
It is strange being in the scenario where I’m in a position to to apply for stuff, knowing that I can fulfill the criteria. The next thing to work out is how to get them to reply to me. But these things take time.
To be honest, I had expected life post-PhD (Viva, whenever it may be, excepted) to be a little calmer. I didn’t think I would be that busy. The sheer amount of marking (which is larger given events happening with the other TAs on the course), so that is eating up a lot of time. And I haven’t even started on the worksheets from the last stage of the course… urgh. But it pays and money is always welcome.
The better news is that the April conference went well. They want the paper for an article in the proceedings (to be published next year), and the proceedings from last year are nearly published.. the cover looks really slick and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print. The article from that one went down really well with the editors, so that cheered me up.
Once I get that darn marking and the article out of the way, things will calm down. Plus I get to be in Athens for a while which will be great, plus the other half will be there with me for the first time – which I will really enjoy. After that the next commitment is a dig in June, I was there last year and had fun, so it will be good to be back.

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Silence… part 2

I’m not sure why but I just don’t have the urge to blog at the moment… it seems strange but I’m in a strange state of mind and have been since I submitted… I’m sure it will pass but until then… ssh!

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So I haven’t been posting much lately, I don’t know why, I think its all part of finishing up. My brain has shut down on so many levels, which is not necessarily a good thing, it just needs a rest. The trick now is getting it started up again…
Anyway, I saw this recent cartoon from PhD Comics and realised that my University fits in very well with one of the categories, as did my Undergraduate institution:

My Undergraduate University was a red brick, the current one is more along the lines of Gothic (for the main building at least)… unfortunately the section of the University I’m in is more Neo-Penal… on the plus side they removed the asbestos a couple of years ago…